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An exceptionally rich site

An Haven of nature and tranquility

In the heart of Burgundy amidst the protected nature of the European reserve Natura 2000, visitors discover a set of caves excavated by the Cure in the coral massif of Arcy. The eleven prehistoric caves, the adorned Great Cave, the Merovingian sarcophagus quarry, the nearby Via Agrippa or the river Cure, formerly used to transport driftwood, are the remains of human occupation for more than 200 000 years.

A dive into the prehistoric past and the bowels of the Earth

Visitors to the Great Cave will admire the sculptural works of limestone and water at the turn of giant rooms and underground lakes. They will also discover captivating paintings, drawings, engravings, the artistic testimonies left by Cro-Magnon man 30,000 years ago.