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The Arcy-Saint-Moré massif

Caves along the Cure

The Arcy-Saint-Moré massif has long been known as a natural site of archaeological interest. The Neandertal vestiges discovered in the caves, mainly those of the site of Arcy, indicate a human activity which goes back to the Paleolithic era. The Arcy caves along the Cure river, have been visited or studied for several hundred years. From 1890 Father Parat, an eminent geologist, drawed up the stratigraphy of the site, he discovered and explored many caves. After the second war, the eminent archaeologist Leroi-Gourhan developed the excavations and established the first international school of archeology in Arcy.


Along the river is the entrance of eleven caves may be located. Their staging corresponds to the various levels of encashment of the Cure over time, the lowest being the most recent. A walk allows to locate them and to identify the geological strata of the Arcy massif. When extended it leads to the majestic cliffs of Saint-Moré.