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The Great Cave, paintings and drawings

Mammoth and negative hand

The bestiary is largely dominated by the representation of mammoths, there are also bears, rhinoceros, felines, birds, fish, horses, bison or megaceros (rarely found in prehistorical representation). The colors used are mainly black, obtained from charcoal, ocher, yellow or red. This set is complemented by negative or positive handprints and by engravings of animals, carved in clay using points of silex.


A female figure, "Venus", has been made using the anfractuosities of a stalactite. Photo and drawing design - Michel Girard - CNRS. 

The particular style of the paintings and drawings: clean lines, few details, unfinished legs of the animals on the paintings, caracterize "the Arcy School". Conversely, the engravings feature details such as fur, closed legs, eyes or ears.