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Since 16 March 2020, in accordance with the containment measures decided by the government, the Arcy Caves have been closed to the public for an indefinite period. We hope that this prolonged hibernation will come to an early end.  You will then be able to celebrate the return to life by coming to discover the prehistoric site of Arcy, the spring flowers that are beginning to open over the entire property, or the Great Cave and its paintings


Due to the containment associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the opening date of the season is uncertain, but you can now prepare for your upcoming visit by browsing our website, or on our Facebook page. We also remain available to reply to your emails and other messages and will be happy to welcome you as soon as possible!


The department Yonne remains for the moment in the red zone, but we hope to be able to reopen the gates of the Great Cave in mid-June, until the last restrictions are removed and our team takes the necessary sanitary measures to welcome the public.  You will then be able to leave your respective small caves to find our favourite cave, its prehistoric paintings and its remarkable site!


The caves of Arcy are now on Instagram under the pseudonym grottesdarcy!

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