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We are planning to reopen to the public on Thursday, June 10, 2021. All visits will be by reservation, by phone at 03 86 81 90 63 or 06 71 98 18 33. As the covid is still in circulation, sanitary measures will be maintained. 

We look forward to welcoming you! 

Annual bat count

Every winter, we count the bats of Arcy caves to monitor the evolution of "chiropteran" populations on the site. This morning a team from Natura 2000, the Conservatoire d'Espaces naturels de Bourgogne and the Société d'Histoire naturelle d'Autun came to carry out the 2021 count. 

Winter is a good time for this operation, as bats gather and take shelter in caves to hibernate (but also in attics, barns, etc.). It is thus at this season that one has the best chance to find the complete colonies. 

Be careful if you come across a colony of bats in the middle of winter, because they are afraid of noise and light, which wakes them up and makes them unnecessarily spend they energy stored for their survival while waiting for the good weather! Disturbing a hibernating bat too often is endangering its survival... 

This morning, we could observe different species of bats. 

Thanks to Nicolas Varanguin, Nade Varanguin, Estelle Burlotte and Paul Hureau